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TAE Services

We're an award-winning family business delivering high-quality outdoor education programmes to over 40 clients across North-East Scotland. Our bespoke services include tailored pupil development sessions, staff CPD, outdoor space creation and development, and specially designed projects. Our experienced team has worked with over 2500 pupils and trained more than 230 members of school staff.

Staff Training

         Discover our CPD accredited teacher training sessions, available as full or half inservice days or after-school CLPL sessions. Dive into topics such as Team Building and Problem Solving, Getting the Most out of your School Grounds (i.e. Orchard and Willow Management or Using Your New Pond) ,Fire Safety and Skills, STEM and Outdoor Learning, and Managing Risk in the Outdoors. Gain valuable skills and insights to enhance your teaching practice and outdoor education initiatives.

Designed to inspire curiosity and environmental awareness, our 10-module, 50 page syllabus, aligned with the Curriculum for Excellence, offers tailored experiences for all developmental stages in a progressive learning journey. We can facilitate a variety of awards, including John Muir, NOLA, NNAS Navigation Award, and the Green School awards. Join us on a journey of exploration and learning in nature!

Pupil Development


Bespoke Outdoor

Explore our bespoke outdoor spaces, tailored to transform school grounds into vibrant learning environments. From tree planting and orchard creation to pupil-led pond projects, or fire pits and animal hides, we bring nature closer to students. Our offerings extend to polytunnels and raised planter beds, laying the foundation for future market gardens and hands-on learning experiences. Let us bring your outdoor vision to life!


Special Youth

We specialize in bespoke private youth events, traveling throughout Scotland, England, and Wales. With experience catering to groups of up to 350 youth in multiple sessions across England, our focus is on team building, problem-solving, and fostering social connections. Through engaging activities and workshops, we create memorable experiences that inspire and empower young individuals.

Special ASN
group/ 1:1 Work

 Our ASN program offers a forward-thinking approach to learning, providing dynamic hands-on learning, tailored to unique ASN needs. We offer small-group sessions for 1-7 pupils. This ensures personalised attention and inclusive learning, and supports wider behaviour management. As well as promoting sensory stimulation and physical ability, our ASN work encourages social interaction, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to support holistic pupil development.

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Corporate Grounds Consultations

Drawing from our extensive experience, we provide expert advice and deliver special projects to develop environmental spaces on corporate land. Projects include the creation of ponds, orchards, wildlife areas, reflection spaces, and sensory gardens. We work closely with clients, leveraging our expertise to design and implement vibrant outdoor spaces that enhance the natural environment and promote user well-being and engagement.

“Before the session I did not feel confident about participating in activities involving fire with my infant class. It was the most enjoyable CLPL I have attended... the pace and delivery of the session helped to put me at my ease. I went home feeling very relaxed and positive about outdoor education.” 

Strathmore Teacher

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