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Wild Scottish Stag

Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their operations and interactions with stakeholders. CSR focuses on philanthropy, environmental sustainability, ethical labour practices, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion. At Alba’s, we work hard to question whether everything we are doing has a positive social and environmental impact, and are always working to strengthen and refine our approaches to our work. We love our home land and want to do everything to preserve and enhance it. There is only one Scotland!

1. Secure Staffing Initiative 

Our approach to corporate social responsibility prioritises job security by offering annual salaries instead of zero-hour contracts or minimum wage positions, ensuring stability for our staff. By providing consistent employment rather than seasonal work, we uphold our commitment to fair and sustainable employment practices, fostering a supportive and thriving workplace environment. When your staff are happy, your clients are happy!

2. Sustainable Procurement Policy

Our commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our business, from reducing environmental impact to promoting eco-friendly practices. By 'sourcing local' materials like Angus Red Sandstone for our firepits, we not only cut carbon emissions but also bolster local business. Investing in durable materials, such as our 40-year warranty pond liners, ensures longevity while minimising waste. Our focus on biodiversity extends to creating animal shelters using recycled materials and teaching "leave no trace" principles to future stewards of the environment, all the while reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides. As we continue to refine our practices, bulk buying materials and investing in sustainable pond surroundings underscore our dedication to a greener future.

3. Community Empowerment Strategy 

Our food growing projects at 7 schools foster self-reliance skills, ‘green fingers,’ and a deeper understanding of healthy diets, from soil to plate. By encouraging children in the community to grow and tend to their food, we promote self-sufficiency while reducing reliance on external food sources. The produce, sold at affordable rates or given away, not only emphasises healthy eating habits but also minimises the need for food transportation, processing, and packaging, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sponsor Environmental

​Elevate your corporate social responsibility with our corporate sponsorship initiative, promoting environmental awareness and climate adaptation through primary education. By sponsoring a term of learning for your local school, your organisation will guarantee community engagement while addressing pressing environmental and educational needs. Want to sponsor something different? We can plant trees, install orchards and wildflower meadows, or design ponds with pupil collaboration. ​Get in touch today to help make a meaningful  environmental impact and support future generations. You'll receive social media shout-outs, weekly pictures and a summative report on impact.

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